European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe (BHL-Europe) Verbundzentrale des GBV (VZG)

Global References Index to Biodiversity

This demonstrator, a joint effort of EDIT/ViTaL and BHL-Europe, built by the Common Library Network GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) allows users to browse and search titles held by the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT), the Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe (BHL-Europe) and BHL member institutions. It will be further developed and extended towards the Global References Index to Biodiversity (GRIB). It will then be a tool to manage the taxonomic literature that is (a) already available in digital form, (b) in the process of being digitised, and (c) for which plans have been created for digitisation and to nominate literature to be digitised.

The current status can be seen in the GRIB catalog. Below you find additional information for developers and maintainance.

Test Widget

Configuration and APIs (grib.ini)

GRIB catalog interface
Search API (SRU)

General information about Search/Retrieve via URL (SRU) is available in the official SRU specification. Please do not use the (dc) fields but only the (pica) search fields. The following search keys are most relevant:

Internal record id without prefix 'grib:ppn:'
Digitization status (830*)
URL of a digitized object

unAPI (or other formats)

Single records can be retrieved via GBV's unAPI in various formats. There is a specific gribxml format that contains the current status of a record.

ATOM feed of recent changes You can also get the changes of one record by adding an 'id' parameter.
JavaScript library (needed to embed the widget)

Digitalization status can be modified with the following URL parameters:

a unique record identifier. Up to now only the "PPN" id as assigned on ingest is supported. It must be prefixed by "grib:ppn:", for instance id=grib:ppn:1234 to refer to the record with PPN identifier "1234". The same identifier can also be used in the unAPI API to get single metadata records.
the new digitization status. Must be a value from a predefined list. This status can also be used to search for records in the user interface and via SRU
a JavaScript callback method name
You also need an authorization cookie.

The response format can be choosen via the format parameter. By default (format=json) a JSON object is returned, other formats are atom.

Webcat API (used internally only to connect to PICA database) (DB 1.83)